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Aikido for Children ages 6 & up

Through a variety of aikido games and controlled partner practice, children begin to understand the physical principles of aikido. We develop the child’s ability to move fluidly from the tanden (center), to step out of the line of an attack, and to recognize the unbalanced nature of violence.

Monday through Thursday 5:00-5:50, Saturday at 10:00am.

  • Physical Benefits: Gives your child(ren) the edge in all the physical activities that they will encounter during their lives. Aikido is a common denominator for movement in all sports. Conditioning, balance, timing, relaxation, visualization, kinesthetic awareness and fun are at the core of aikido.
  • Emotional Benefits: One of the greatest problems in the modern world is learning to deal with stressful situations in calm, controlled, yet expressive ways. Practicing aikido, over time, will give your child tools for resolving life’s daily conflicts.
  • Social Benefits: The sooner children learn that there are alternatives to fighting, both physically and verbally, the sooner they will experience real personal growth. Both the individual and our society benefit.

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Aikido for Preschoolers ages 4-7

Bruce Bookman or Melissa Pittman-Fischer
In this fun-filled class preschoolers learn the basic techniques of aikido with games designed to enhance focus and physical coordination. Children work on their social skills including good communication as they discover how to effectively participate in a group learning situation. Many parents comment on the positive changes aikido has made in their child’s life.
Monday through Thursday, 4:00-4:40pm

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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for Children ages 6 & up

Jiu-jitsu is a grappling art that is very practical for self-defense and is great for developing overall athleticism. Children learn take downs and wrestling techniques from the ground, all tempered with our usual emphasize on acting with responsibility. Jiu Jitsu is a real confidence builder and lots of fun! The Tenzan Jiu Jitsu program recently split off from Tenzan Aikido. It is located in the same buiding as before and is now under the directorship of Professor Keith Bookman. Please visit the new website for more info or to schedule your visit.

link to Tenzan Jiu Jitsu website

Aikido for Teens, Brown Belts, and Junior Black Belts

ages 11 and up   

This class is geared towards the physical development and maturity level of teenagers. In this fun-filled class, participants do in-depth training in aikido. Students will learn physical fitness, self-defense, personal empowerment, and clear communication skills in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. Basic yoga poses will be taught as a warm-up for flexibility, strength, and balance. Some jiu-jitsu will be included in the practice to enhance self-defense and for overall coordination. The class is open to beginners through advanced level students in that age range. The class also includes advanced practice for Brown Belt and Junior Black Belt kids.

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