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Aikido Journal's Online Course: Bruce Bookman on the Practical Approach to Aikido Defenses

An innovative approach to extending classical aikido to modern attacks. Over 2.5 hours of video content, including detailed instructional modules and an extended video of Aikido Journal's live instructor seminar with Bruce Bookman, Kaicho Tenzan Aikido. 33 techniques and training drills.


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Aikido - Outside the Box

Aikido Video - Outside The BoxDVD

An Exploration of Aikido Techniques in a practical Kickboxing Environment. 35 minutes of instruction.

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Ukemi: The Art of Falling 

Aikido Video - UkemiDVD

This aikido video is designed to help make your practice of Aikido safer and more enjoyable. The more you embrace the principles of falling, the more you will improve your abilities in Aikido. Ukemi: The Art of Falling, offers step-by-step instruction on the most common falls, including backward rolls, forward rolls and breakfalls/highfalls. DVD format.

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Advanced Ukemi: The Art of Falling

Aikido Video - Advanced UkemiDVD

This aikido video provides detailed instruction of advanced aspects of falling and is a systematic continuation of the Ukemi: The Art of Falling. Topics covered include breakfalls, multiple attack ukemi, falling while holding a weapon, falls from Judo throws, how to fall while throwing a kick, and advanced fluidity practice. Advanced Ukemi serves as an invaluable guide to Aikido practice as well as other martial arts. DVD format.
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Aikido for Children

Aikido Video for ChildrenDVD

This aikido video lays out all the basic Aikido techniques employed by Aikido practitioners of all ages, in a teaching style designed for children. Bookman Sensei is renowned for his excellent instruction of children, providing both a fun and challenging environment for the highest level of children's Aikido instruction in the United States. DVD format.
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Teaching Aikido to Children

Teaching Aikido VideoDVD

In this aikido video Bookman Sensei shares his educational approach that has been so succesful in his own teaching of Aikido to children. He offers a practical way for Aikido teachers to start a children's program at their dojo. With violence on the rise in our society, Aikido instructors can contribute to reversing this trend by introducing children to the principles of Aikido. Children learn that they can be powerful without being destructive. DVD format.
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All five of the above DVDs: $120

Choose any four of the above DVDs: $100


Ukemi: The Art of Falling and Advanced Ukemi: The Art of Falling: $55

Aikido for Children and Teaching Aikido to Children: $55


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